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6 North Lake Powell Blvd.
Page, Arizona 86040

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Taxi Services:

Destination Services: (928) 645-2789

BUGGY Taxi: (928) 645-6664

Helping Hands Express

The Helping Hands Agency has partnered with the Arizona Department of Transportation and the City of Page, to bring an organized public transportation system to Page and the surrounding communities. The "Helping Hands Express" is a publicly funded transit service that enables seniors, students, disabled individuals, as well as the general public, freedom to work, shop, go to school, without the expense of owning a personal vehicle. The Express has linked Page with seven small towns and is working towards establishing a permanent, dependable transportation service in all directions from Page.

CLICK HERE for Helping Hands Express Bus Schedule


Spirit of the West Magazine | Jan. 2017 | German

Arizona Magazine | Oct. 2017 | Spanish

City of Page Rim Trail

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