Grand Canyon Brewery + Distillery

Looking for evening billiards and drinks? Or enjoy dinner and watch a game? This is the perfect place to end your late-night adventure.

Red Dragon Lounge at Rimview Terrace

Want to wind down with top shelf liquor? Are you a connoisseur of Bourbon & Whiskey? Look no further than the Red Dragon Lounge at Rimview Terrace.

State 48 Tavern

Root for your team at State 48. Multiple TV screens and a lively night atmosphere make this one of the best sports bars in Page, AZ. Looking for new friends… look no further! Easily one of the most sociable places in Page.

Ligai Si Anii Stargazing Night Tour

Immerse yourself beneath the thousands of stars and become connected to countless civilizations through the stories written in the night sky.

Page After Dark

Where to go when the sun sets

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