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Kerrick James is a master photographer whose iconic images of the region surrounding Page/Lake Powell have appeared in publications worldwide. Kerrick will be sharing Pro Tips every month on how to get the best results whether you are novice or seasoned shooter.

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    • PHOTO TIP #1 (Lower Antelope Canyon)

      PHOTO TIP #1 (Lower Antelope Canyon)

      Page is famous worldwide for the great high desert lake at it’s doorstep, but also for it’s photogenic and accessible slot canyons including Upper & Lower Antelope, and lesser known gems with...

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    • PHOTO TIP #2 (Horseshoe Bend)

      PHOTO TIP #2 (Horseshoe Bend)

      Just south and west of the heart of Page the Colorado River has incised a perfect loop, some 800’ into the layers of sandstone that cap this high desert plateau. Known as Horseshoe Bend, this has...

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    • PHOTO TIP #3 (Padre Bay-Lake Powell)

      PHOTO TIP #3 (Padre Bay-Lake Powell)

      The crown jewel of the Page environment is unquestionably Lake Powell, and with 96 major canyons and over 1900 miles of coastline at full pool, you’ll never run out of places to explore. But, where...

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    • PHOTO TIP #4 (The Toadstools)

      PHOTO TIP #4 (The Toadstools)

      For me one of the eternally striking aspects of the Page area, and of the Four Corners region, is how openly the bedrock of the planet is revealed. Erosional features are everywhere, arches, slot...

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    • PHOTO TIP #5 (Rainbow Bridge National Monument)

      PHOTO TIP #5 (Rainbow Bridge National Monument)

      IMAGE 1 Lake Powell has many striking scenic features, but Rainbow Bridge is surely at the top of that list. As a world-class icon, it’s also a challenge to photograph distinctively. The first...

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    • PHOTO TIP #6 (Canyon X and Secret Canyon)

      PHOTO TIP #6 (Canyon X and Secret Canyon)

      If you’ve photographed either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon recently, you’ve dealt with the crowded, oversold conditions in these now world famous slot canyons, which for me greatly diminishes the...

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    • PHOTO TIP #7 (Colorado River Discovery)

      PHOTO TIP #7 (Colorado River Discovery)

      When the Page weather warms up its time to get on the lake, or the river. If you have a boat, you can launch it at Lee’s Ferry and motor upstream on the Colorado River towards Glen Canyon Dam. As...

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As a veteran roamer of the Colorado Plateau, I've long viewed Page as the center of my favorite universe; of sandstone spires, sculptural slot canyons, buttes and mesas that are truly islands in the sky. Whether you love landscape or adventure photography, or the combination of both, as I do, the Grand Circle around Page offers unmatched variety to explore. I'll be offering some location gems here month by month, some well-known, others less seen, with some tips on when and how to make the images you seek. So bookmark this site and rejoin me for more gems! I have photographed and written about the American West and Pacific Rim for 25 years for publications like Arizona Highways, Sunset, National Geo. Adventure, and many more and I lead photo safaris throughout the world for groups and custom trips for individuals.

Visit KJPhotoSafaris.com to see the details and remember, a great picture is worth a thousand words!

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