water bkgIf you stretched the shoreline of Lake Powell like a string it would be longer than the US west coast! Explore Lake Powell’s colorful canyons and isolated tributaries, and take in the spectacle of its deep blue water and striking sandstone landscapes. Find a cove or beach for a swim or to soak up some rays. There’s plenty of aqua action with water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, or power boating. Or, for a touch of tranquility cast off in a kayak, paddleboard, or houseboat. And Page is your departure point for adrenaline pumping white water rafting on the Colorado or take a raft for a half day trip up that lazy River. You’ll also find some of the best fishing in either body of water so bring your gear!

Page, AZ offers plenty of ways to enjoy the lake. Book a Lake Boat Tour, rent Boats & Kayaks, go River Rafting or explore the water by Diving & Fishing.


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